Message From the Mayor

Situated in the Northeast region with an ideal location near the intersection of the two most important international road corridors, Corridor 8 and Corridor 10, only 37 km from the city and 24 km from the Airport Alexander the Great, Kumanovo is an ideal destination for any curious visitor. Especially important is the proximity to the border crossing Tabanovce, only 13 km from the city, making it an excellent location for transit tourism. The proximity to Skopje also makes Kumanovo an excellent and cheaper alternative accommodation for foreign visitors to Macedonia.

With its multi-ethnic and specific character, and the positive spirit of the people who live here, but also with its favorable location near the capital, Skopje, and also close to important cultural and historical sights located in its surroundings, Kumanovo is an ideal destination for visitors who want to experience a mix of tradition and modernity.

Visitors to Kumanovo will experience the story of Batko Gjorgjija while enjoying delicious food accompanied by the sounds of tambourine and the sense of humor specific only to Kumanovo. Walking through the streets of the city, looking at the remains of the architecture of the last century which had given a soul to the city, visitors will experience life from another time when all meetings started and ended “by the mound and four poles.”

For those curious and thirsty for new experiences, walks in the town’s surroundings will meet the senses of the most discerning– ranging from adventures in Bislim Canyon, to exploring religious structures from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods, visiting the Megalithic Observatory Kokino and paying homage at the monuments of People’s Liberation War for the history lovers.

Kumanovo is recognizable as the “footwear capital” for lovers of shopping and will offer the best quality shoes at the best prices, with Italian quality and design- yet another good reason to visit.

So come and visit Kumanovo- we hope to see you soon!