Crafts of Kumanovo

Crafts, guild and handmade, are often marginalized in Kumanovo.

Blacksmith craft is one of the oldest crafts dating from the Stone Age.

This craft is one of the most difficult because of the fact that it requires great skill and a solid metal iron to be changed into various shapes and forms. Such masterful skills can be learned from older generations and presently there is only one blacksmith in Kumanovo, he has inherited and learned the trade from his father.

The only smithy in Kumanovo, on Leninova Street, and the sheet metal workshop (right)

Kumanovo is known for shoes (opinci) and shoe craft.

Shoe Workshop

Today opincite (traditional, leather shoes) are used for folk art clubs and as souvenirs.
We still have living opinchari (leather shoe workers) who pass on their craft to the younger generations.
In Kumanovo leather and fur crafts still persist. The hardworking hands of these artisans create and produce various products in leather and fur.

Leather-Fur Workshops on Nagorichki and Iva Lola Ribar Streets

Clock craft is a longstanding tradition in Kumanovo. You can still meet clocksmiths.

Clock Workshop on Leninova Street
Knitting Craft

Knitting craft is an exclusively female craft in Kumanovo. It was present as a craft years ago when many clothes were knitted by hand and on machines, commonly using wool and sometimes wool yarn.
In Kumanovo, visitors can see a small shop of souvenirs and clothing such as handmade costumes, and in this way domestic and foreign buyers can see that our region strives to preserve the embodiment of tradition that has varied through the ages looking back.

With needle and thread colors, white cloth is decorated with a lot of time, patience, and desire. Hearing the legacy left by Oddamnina Vezilkite paints an unforgettable image of Macedonian embroidery and fills the soul with the sweetness of delight from the abundance of ornaments, colors, techniques.

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts and has been a tradition in Kumanovo for many centuries.

Gordana Mitkovska (Ethno Beba) of the Loom

Ethno Beba in Kumanovo entwines modern, contemporary clothing worn not only in Macedonia, but worldwide.


Custom Leather Work from Kumanovo

Leather craft is another traditional craft still practiced in Kumanovo today. Vanjo Kostic, of Kumanovo, is one of the few remaining leather craftsmen in the area. Trained in the Arizona, USA, this craftsman produces a variety of items by hand including keychains, belts, custom frescoes, leather wrapped flasks or bottles, and vests. Inquire for more information.