Hristijan Todorovski-Karpoš

Hristijan Todorovski-Karpoš
1921 – 1944

Hristijan Todorovski-Karpoš is a symbol of Kumanovo pride and rebellious spirit. He was a prominent Macedonian partisan during the Second World War. He was proclaimed as a national hero on 29th of July 1945.

Hristijan Todorovski-Karpoš joined the communist youth organization SKOJ in 1939 as a student. Because of his progressive ideas, he was expelled from high school and was not allowed to enroll in any other school in the then-Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In 1941, he participated in the collection of weapons, distribution of pamphlets and distribution of the newsletter “Dedo Ivan,” which was issued by the urban guerrilla organization.

Hristijan Todorovski-Karpoš was noted as an organizer of the anti-fascist National Liberation Army of Macedonia (NOAVM). He was a member of the Kozjak regiment from October 12, 1941 and member of the partisan headquarters in Kumanovo. Once the unit was broken, he crossed into the Second South Moravian squad and Kukavichki regiments, alternately (1942-43). On June 26, 1943 he became Commander of the Kumanovo unit, which gradually enlarged and on December 1st, 1943 was officially renamed the First Battalion of Kumanovo “Jordan Nikolov – Orce.”

He was assassinated by Bulgarian occupiers on the 7th of February, 1944 during the attack on the Bulgarian military and police stronghold in the village Biljacha, Presevo.