Tastes of Kumanovo



You cannot leave Kumanovo feeling hungry. The traditional dish called mezal’ksudjuk, a thick, dried sausage made of beef or mutton, pivtija, a tasty gelatin made from meat broth, or yellow-churned cheese- these are a few examples of the tastes unique to this region. The smell of these traditional dishes will follow you wherever you go. Try delicious Kumanovo foods the traditional way, with a glass of rakija, local brandy, or wine, and enjoy the sounds of the traditional songs and tambourines of Kumanovo.

For the adventurous home chef, try this recipe for a flavorful Kumanovo favorite.


4 veal legs
5 veal kidneys
1 veal tripe
Spleen organ
Cayenne pepper
Bay leaf

Prepare the veal tripe separately and when it is boiled, throw the water and set tripe aside. Put all other ingredients together with water and bring to a boil then simmer for 5 to 6 hours- as long as it takes to separate the meat from the bone. When it is completely cooked, remove the bones and additional oils that have separated then put all ingredients in an earthenware dish. Add the veal tripe with additional spices (to your taste) with any remaining liquid from boiling the meat. As a finishing touch, put the earthenware dish in the oven at 220° until the top is lightly browned.