Parking Info

There is one parking zone in the city, “A-Red,” covering parking on the following streets:

  1. 11 Oktomvri
  2. Boris Kidrich
  3. Trst
  4. Ilindenska
  5. Kiril i Metodij
  6. Narodna Revolucija
  7. Brakja Ribar
  8. Mosha Pijade
  9. Leninova
  10. Pionerska
  11. Parking in front of Hotel Kristal
  12. Parking in front of the Cultural Center

There are two ways to pay for parking:

*1. By sending an SMS with the vehicle registration number to 144 321.

Here are the steps:

  • Text KU000NN without spaces or other signs to 144 321
  • You will receive a return message with information for the expiration time of your parking
  • 10 minutes before parking expiration, you will receive a message advising that your parking time is about to expire
  • If you want to extend the parking time for another hour you need to send another SMS to 144 321

*PLEASE NOTE: The text option is only available from a Macedonian phone number!

2. By purchasing a parking card.

You can buy a parking card at any authorized store that has the following sticker:

Here are the steps:

  • Fill out the parking card marking with X sign month, day, hour and the minute when the parking starts
  • Place the parking card where it is visible inside your windshield

Maximum parking time is 2 hours.
The price for one hour of parking is 30 denars (about 0.5 euros).

Parking Hours:
Monday to Friday – 07:00 to 21:00
Saturday – 07:00 to 14:00
Sundays and State Holidays – Free

Contact Info:
JP Kumanovo-Parking
Ul. Branko Bogdanovski Gucman bb, Kumanovo
Telephone: +389 (0) 31 451 590
Parking Office: +389 (0) 31 424 003
Depo: +389 (0) 31 431 477