City Square

Square Nova Jugoslavija

City Square is the central square in Kumanovo and is situated in the heart of the city. Here visitors can find many interesting monuments and buildings. Starting from the Artisan House which is the most notable landmark of Kumanovo, located on the south-east side of the square. Just in front of the building is the statue of the urban legend, Batko Gjorgjija, with a beautiful fountain. Across the street you will see what are now administrative Municipal buildings, formerly known as “the Butcher’s Circle.” The central square also features a monument called “Four Poles” with a fountain on the northeast side. The Shopping Center Nama is on the north side of the square. Kumanovo Center Square is a meeting point, as well as a main relaxation spot for Kumanovo’s citizens. Near and on the square are many stores, cafés, restaurants and bars can be found where you can enjoy an excellent time or you can simply sit on one of the benches surrounding the green surfaces with flowers and plants, observing the dynamic way of life of Kumanovo’s citizens. Many events such as concerts, exhibitions, fairs and similar, take place on the square. Traditionally, every New Year, the Mayor and the Council of the Municipality organize a joint celebration with performances of regional music stars and fireworks. Another major event which takes place on the Kumanovo Central Square is the celebration of the City Liberation Day, 11th of November.