Church Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Holy Trinity Holy Trinity
Kumanovo’s Church Holy Trinity is an orthodox church located in the center of the city, behind the House of Culture “Trajko Prokopiev” and skyscraper. It is a newer church built during Ottoman rule and the second in the center of Kumanovo aside from the cathedral of St. Nicholas.

Since they were not admitted to the Church of St. Nicholas, which was then controlled by the Bulgarian Exarchate, the local Serbians in Kumanovo decided to build a church of their own. They asked for help from the Serbian government who sponsored the drawing of its blueprints, which were done by Russian architect Vladimir Antonov. The church was built in 1901 by Mihajlo Djordjević from Debar. The iconostasis was made from a donation by Queen Draga of Serbia and featured many Serbian saints such as St. Sava, Prince Lazar, and St. Uroš.