Church St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas St. Nicholas St. Nicholas
Kumanovo has two existing churches and St. Nicholas is one of them. Unlike the other, newer church, St. Nicholas has the status of cultural monument.

The church St. Nicholas is known as the “Old Church” in Kumanovo and was erected in 1851 on the site where previously a small church was located, one that was dug into the ground with nine rungs, also called “St. Nicholas.” The church St. Nicholas is the work of famous master-builder Andrea Damjanov, who was from village Papradishte, Veles. It was built of brick and shaped like a three-naves basilica.

The church is surrounded by sumptuous porches filled with with preserved fresco paintings and a high bell tower in the narthex. The interior of the church St. Nicholas features ornate galleries, a large iconostasis and classic church furniture. In the interior of the church are the wooden cassette ceilings of the galleries, which are characteristic for the Macedonian house in the 19th century. Interesting is the church furniture, composed of choirs, episcopal throne and side vertical wooden benches for the believers during their observance of religious services.

This the biggest Christian church in Kumanovo and has a spacious church courtyard with a large area surrounded by high walls, and many rooms for church services.