Holy Trinity Monastery – Skackovce

Sveta Troica
The Monastery Holy Trinity, “Sveta Troica,” is located 12 km southeast of Kumanovo near the village Skackovce. The 12-meter Saint Cross on the property was reconstructed in 1996 and the monastery itself was constructed in 2000, founded by Priest Stojan Pajkovski. The grounds of this 50-acre Eastern Orthodox monastery complex are immaculate and well groomed. The buildings are filled with frescoes and icons created by Macedonian artists. There are many places for sitting and quiet reflection, a well and fountain, and a playground for children.

Located on a hill above the village, Sveta Troica also consists of residential quarters for guests, a library, a stone tower, statues of the Virgin Mary and St. Clement, an Easter egg of 3 meters and other content of interest to visitors. This property was established to celebrate 2000 years of Christianity. Consecrated in 2001, the monastery today is for baptisms, weddings, prayers, and relaxation.

The site is known as a holy place throughout Skachkovce. A sanctuary has existed there since the 13th century and Turkish history has recorded many wonders taking place on the site.