Kriva Palanka Municipality

Kriva Palanka is the Eastern Gate of the Republic of Macedonia! It has preserved significant cultural-historical heritage that will tell visitors many stories about the past. In the area of the municipality, the culture and the life were developed even in the Neolithic.

The monastery of “St. Joakim Osogovski” is not only the label of the town, but it is also a symbol of Macedonia. “St. Joakim Osogovski” was built in 1848. The grand cathedral dedicated to St. Jovan Osogovski was built by Andrej Damjanov, the most famous architect in the Balkans at that time. The interior and the porches of the church are icon-painted by four of the most significant Macedonian icon-painters from 19th century: Dimitrij Andonov Papradishki, Miron Iliev, Avram Dichov, and Gligorie Petrovich.

The oldest object in the monastery complex is the small church of “The Birth of St. Mary” that dates since the second half of 11th century. The object is characterized by the Byzantium style. You should definitely be here during the feast of St. Joakim Osogovski.

Kriva Palanka
Monastery St. Joakim Osogovski

The walk through the old bazaar, in the past known as Lower Bazaar (Dolna Charshija) will take you to a different time, where the past and the present are being crossed. Here, you will see the distinctive architecture of the town houses, with balconies and porches, with tall windows and shops in the lower part. This bazaar, as a monument of the culture, is protected by law.

Kriva Palanka also offers many events during the whole year: Colony of Woodcarvers, Summer Architecture School, International Painting Colony, International Mountain Transverse 4M, International Tournament in Table Tennis, International Folklore Festival, International Theatre Festival, Mountain Jeep Rally and many other events during the year.

Kriva Palanka lies down in the Osogovo mountains. It is the largest mountain mass in the Eastern part of Macedonia rich in forests, springs, plants and tasty forest fruits. When you long for relaxation, pure air and nature, make an excursion. Feel free to visit the beautiful Kalin Kamen or make a great mountain achievement and climb over the highest top – Ruen, 2252 meters, that is proudly rising in front of you. Feel free to visit the Stanechki waterfalls surrounded in high rocks that are appropriate for alpinism; the mountain Bilino, the top Chupino Brdo, Studenec and many others that the locals of the municipality will tell you about.

Kriva Palanka
Natural beauty in Kriva Palanka