Lipkovo Municipality

The visit to Lipkovo will take you back in history, to the antique, a period when this territory was colonized by the Illyrian tribe called “Dardanians.” Each of their parts has a story that can be discovered with the help of the inhabitants of this region.

Specifics in Lipkovo

Monastery St. Mary

The Monastery of “St. Mary” in the village of Matejche is one of the most representative medieval monuments of the Macedonian territory, built in 14th century. This church is considered to be one of the most noble Byzantine monuments in the Balkan region, a masterpiece of the late Antique monumental art. You must not miss a visit to the old dervish lodge in the village of Matejche and also the several nearby mosques that will enrich your spirit with mystique.

Natural Rarities in Lipkovo

The region of Lipkovo is a municipality with forests and water. Here visitors can find an untouched nature and many places for rest and relaxation. Feel free to visit the river Lipkovska and the two artificial lakes – Lipkovo and Glazhnja, convenient for recreational and professional fishing. While walking through the gorgeous landscape of the locality among the two dams, you must stop near the waterfall to enjoy its indescribable beauty. Here you will find rest for the eyes and the soul.

Lipkovska Dam
Glazhnja Dam