Art Colony “Karpino”

Karpino Karpino Karpino Karpino Karpino Karpino
Originally organized in the Karpino Monastery complex located in the village of Suv Ora, this is a traditional art event that is held every year. Because of constrained conditions for work in the Monastery complex, the organizers of the art colony, Multimedia Center “Karpino” and the Municipality of Kumanovo, relocated the colony to the restaurant “Grazia” in Kumanovo. Of course, this does not prevent artists from regularly visiting the Monastery complex, for as they say, though ruined, the location gives true inspiration and offers exceptional energy to create art. A number of artists from Macedonia and abroad participate in this art colony held for more than a decade every July and their art is traditionally displayed at the Exhibition “Karpino,” held in honor of November Days in Kumanovo.