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Biana trade
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Shoe factory Biana Trade was established in 1993 as a pioneer in the footwear industry of Macedonia.

The founder of the company is Mr. Srecko Stoilkovski who is an experienced leader in shoemaking. He earned a university degree in Belgrade, Serbia.

The company focuses on the manufacture of women’s shoes, boots, and sandals for everyday use.

The company operates in step with the times and new trends. Implementing a well-known brand of trade, Biana leads trends on the domestic and foreign market.

The company has 70 skilled workers.

The shoes made by Biana Trade are made from high quality natural materials with embedded anatomical and orthopedic soles that offer comfort while wearing and are constructed with eco-natural glue, sure to meet any standard.

Production at Biana Trade is organized into five stages:
Modeling – Cutting – Spreading – Rigging – Packing

Products of Biana Trade have found their place in foreign markets. The products can be found in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Denmark, and Italy.

A sports and leisure center for soccer, Biana Trade Sport, is located at the plant where visitors have the opportunity to schedule football play time.