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DSM Ortopedika
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DSM-Ortopedika’s factory production of children’s anatomic shoes was established in 1995, located in Kumanovo. Our goal is to assist parents in the correct selection of shoes for their loved ones, children, to assist in the proper development of children’s legs and avoid side effects such as flat feet, curvature of the legs, and irregular development of the muscles in the legs. The shoes are produced in a fixed standard by the company and each pair is inspected to provide top quality. Recommended by the top orthopedic surgeons in Macedonia.

Children’s anatomic shoes by DSM-ORTOPEDIKA are:

1. Anatomic – The interior is composed of a soft pad and anatomic cushion that allow the proper development of children’s feet.

2. Flexibile – The sole is flexible and soft in order to allow natural development of muscular system and children’s legs.

3. Easy – Of great importance is that the shoes of your child easily prevent irregular development. Our shoes are easy to put on and remove.

4. Stimulating – With the help of anatomical cushion and the flexible soles centers of children’s feet are stimulated for pathway development.

To learn more, please visit our official website http://www.dsm-ortopedika.com and follow us on Facebook – ДСМ – Ортопедика.

The shoes can be found in various sizes.