National Theater in Kumanovo

The city amateur theater was formed in December 1944, the result of an initiative of fans of dramatic arts with deep roots in the period between the two World Wars. The first performance of this theater was staged at the City Square in Kumanovo. In 1947, the theater established its building and stage, and in the period from 1948 to 1954 operated as a semiprofessional and later professional institution. In 1954, the theater closed as the result of a policy created in Skopje. This closure lasted until 1959, when a group of enthusiasts within the University formed a youth theater scene, whose successful work enabled the 1961 restoration of the theater in Kumanovo- this time in a newly-built theater hall with all the necessary capabilities to house modern performances as it does today.

The repertoire of the National Theater in Kumanovo from the previous period up to now has included quality and recognized works of domestic and foreign playwrights.